What is Shinkyu University?

ShinKyu University was created to help acupuncturists from around the world fill the gap in their TCM knowledge and become confident and competent in Japanese acupuncture and moxibustion.

You have arrived at the premium online learning academy for Japanese acupuncture and moxibustion.

For far too long, learning Japanese acupuncture outside of Japan was a challenging endeavor. Many acupuncturists who are fans and enthusiasts of Japanese acupuncture are geographically plagued with having no teachers available to them.

Books can only take you so far and often leave you with many unanswered questions and even unchecked bad techniques and habits.

Out-of-state weekend courses and the more ambitious trips to Japan are amazingly informative, helpful, and inspirational but lack continued support.

Shinkyu University is here to change all of that!

If you have had an interest and desire to learn Japanese acupuncture's vibrant and influential art, then Shinkyu University is for you.

If you have taken any number of Japanese acupuncture courses, if you have been teaching yourself Japanese acupuncture & moxa techniques, and would love to get some more knowledge and direction.

If you have spent any amount of time developing your Japanese acupuncture and moxa skills and you would love nothing more than to go from a novice to feeling competent in your abilities. In that case, Shinkyu University is 100% for you.

*If you are interested, there is an enrollment process.

Shinkyu University is a committed and ongoing program, and because of that, we understand that this level of commitment is not for everybody. If you think you are interested, please set up an interview.


APRIL 23&24, 2022. WITH MAYA SUZUKI, L.Ac. Colorado School of Traditional Chinese Medicince 1441 York Street Denver, CO 8020 9-5 pm

A perfect ten!

Casey Z.

"ShinKyu University is the best investment I have made in my education since graduation. This course provides skillful and fascinating instruction on Japanese acupuncture. I especially loved the Japanese acupuncture history and culture lessons. I also loved the daily practices. Once I committed to practicing more, I progressed my skills and really enjoyed this process. I recommend this class to new graduates and seasoned practitioners alike. A truly wonderful experience."

What’s Included When You Join:

We intend to completely change the way that acupuncture is taught outside of Japan


  • LIFETIME access to all new materials without an additional fee

  • MONTHLY study sessions with Maya Suzuki

  • ACCESS to an exclusive online community

  • Access to over 40 PDA's (CA & NCCAOM approved - varies according to participation)

  • Access to advanced in-person seminar sign-up

A wealth of knowledge

Carly S., Olympia, WA.

"Maya's class was a solid foundation of hands-on traditional Japanese acupuncture styles. I was impressed with her teaching style, a wealth of knowledge, and ability to help us gain skills to use immediately in our clinical practice. Highly recommended, for the novice or experienced practitioners of Japanese style acupuncture."

ShinKyu University

Helping acupunturists become confident and competent in Japanese acupuncture and moxibustion to help more people and learn better.


Learn the 3 Secrets of Japanese Acupuncture and Moxibustion Therapists Get Clinical results now without changing your treatment style!

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