What's included:

We intend to completely change the way that acupuncture is taught outside of Japan


  • LIFETIME access to new materials without an additional fee

  • BI-MONTHLY study sessions with Maya Suzuki

  • ACCESS to an exclusive online community on The Du Channel

  • Access to over 40 PDA's!!! (varies according to participation)


To help acupuncturists of all styles to go from novice to confident and competent in Japanese fundamental acupuncture and moxibustion technique.

  • Understanding of the idea of ki, or chi within Japanese medicine

  • History of Japanese acupuncture, groups, and teachers

  • Key fundamental acupuncture techniques

  • Moxa! Moxa! Moxa!

  • Integration of ki into treatment and learning for better and more efficient outcomes!

  • A ongoing online study group to continue to answer and refine technique included at NO EXTRA COST